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Is my Bitcoin illegal?

Hey there, Let's assume that I did some work online and got paid $100 BTC . The guy sent me money directly to my BTC wallet. However, no tax charges were cut in-between the transaction unlike bank transfer. So will my BTC would be considered as illegal? Sorry for the noob question.
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Countries are pushing towards going cashless, that means every street drug dealer will end up using bitcoin. Illegal drug market is valued at $360 billion. Bitcoin's market cap would need to double to handle this.

Think about it, digital dollar is coming, other countries are pushing to get rid of cash too. Some of it is to push to get tax money, other reason is to push negative interest rates, among other reasons. There way more black market transactions that just drugs, but drugs alone is valued at $360 billlion. Bitcoin would need to double to handle that. Meaning price will go up at minimum +100%

I know this isn't the best reason for bitcoin to go up, but the underlying economics of it still hold true.
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Is Trading Bitcoin Illegal in India? No, It is Not.

Is Trading Bitcoin Illegal in India? No, It is Not. submitted by theecstaticgirl to CoinDCXOfficial [link] [comments]

What happens when Trump makes Bitcoin Illegal? (x-post from /r/Bitcoin)

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Is Russia's proposal for making Bitcoin illegal a big deal?

So I'm sure a lot of you are aware that Russia is proposing a law that makes purchasing Bitcoin illegal, I read the punishment could be 7 years in jail? Seems pretty steep. I have no idea, so could someone more knowledgeable than I explain if this is a big deal? Could they really enforce this? Could other countries do the same? I would assume it would have a profound impact on Bitcoin, but if not could someone explain why?
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Why is bitcoin illegal in Bangladesh?

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What would you do if the US government decided to make bitcoin illegal?

Bitcoin doesn't have the stigma of money laundering, do you think they would do a lot of harm if they made bitcoin illegal?
I have thought this myself.
I think that as things get out in the open a lot of people would use bitcoin like a currency just like dollars.
I think that the current system is designed to facilitate tax evasion.
People would just buy and store bitcoin, use it, and just have it be used for small amounts of money laundering (the tax authorities would then charge for the transaction).
The current system is also designed to incentivise the use of bitcoin as a currency, so an increase in the money supply would incentivise the buying of more bitcoin, thus lowering the price of bitcoin itself.
I'm not saying you would go to jail for using bitcoin, just how would the government make bitcoin illegal, so you would need to pay for that to be made illegal, and that would likely cost a lot of money.
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Only one country in Europe has made Bitcoin illegal.

Only one country in Europe has made Bitcoin illegal. submitted by newbuoy to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

I wonder what all these bootlickers are going to do when their local government makes Bitcoin illegal. It is pretty difficult to imagine a scenario in which Bitcoin overtakes fiat without it first being made illegal.

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Hacker will compensate victims with $1.1 million Bitcoin illegally earned

Hacker will compensate victims with $1.1 million Bitcoin illegally earned submitted by quellaman to InfoSecNews [link] [comments]

Colombia declares Bitcoin illegal

Colombia declares Bitcoin illegal submitted by mr_moore to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

Use of Bitcoin illegal, says govt

Use of Bitcoin illegal, says govt submitted by ziddich to india [link] [comments]

Trading Bitcoin Illegal in Iran, Official Warns

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Only one country in Europe has made Bitcoin illegal.
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Zambia Cracks Down on Cryptocurrency Businesses After Declaring Bitcoin Illegal Tender

Zambia Cracks Down on Cryptocurrency Businesses After Declaring Bitcoin Illegal Tender submitted by chuozungjie3 to Zambia [link] [comments]

A High Islamic Official Has Declared Bitcoin Illegal

A High Islamic Official Has Declared Bitcoin Illegal submitted by ImMoonlight to CryptoCurrency [link] [comments]

Is Selling Bitcoin Illegal?

Is Selling Bitcoin Illegal? submitted by AmphillisRuth to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

Should We Fear the US Gov't Making Bitcoin Illegal as Currency?

What if US Gov't says: "It is illegal to conduct sales using Bitcoin as a currency." How fucked are today's adopters?
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Do Bitcoins illegal in India? Is it true?

I read this news in one of the forums. If it is, then what do you say on bitcoins?
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A High Islamic Official Has Declared Bitcoin Illegal

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Will other countries follow Vietnam's decision to make use of Bitcoin illegal? Will such decisions permanently damage Bitcoin's value and growth?

Two part question.
Following SBV's (State Bank of Vietnam) decision to make use of Bitcoin illegal from 2018, will other national banks follow suit? Are we seeing the crumbling banks and government institutions fight back against the monumental growth of Bitcoin?
Can Bitcoin recover from such actions? What's to stop something like this happening in the UK? or France? Or US?
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Why governments don't made gold (and other currencies) illegal but there is a fear that they may make Bitcoin illegal?

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What is Bitcoin  bitcoin is illegal  Beware from bitcoin BITCOIN LEGAL IN INDIA  MUST WATCH !!  IN HINDI Modi illegali per fare Bitcoin... - YouTube ¿ Bitcoin es legal en Bolivia ? - YouTube Money Laundering 101 💰 How Criminals Use Bitcoin To Hide ...

Besitz von Bitcoin illegal! Zuerst einmal, das Wort Bitcoin steht hier natürlich stellvertretend für alle Kryptowährungen und dementsprechend auch für Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin und NEO. Wie Anfangs erwähnt, wollen manche Menschen etwas erreichen und schrecken dabei auch nicht vor Lügen und anderem zurück, um das Ziel zu erreichen. Mal sehen, wo Bitcoin illegal ist, wo Bitcoin legal ist und wie seine rechtliche Situation in Bitcoin aussieht. Länder, in denen Bitcoin legal ist – vollständig und teilweise. Japan sollte zuerst erwähnt werden. Das sollte niemanden überraschen, denn bis vor kurzem kamen die meisten Einzelkunden aus dem Land der Kirschblüten und investierten ihr Geld eifrig in BTC. Als ob das 2015 nicht ... Bitcoin mining, as well as the possession and use of bitcoin, is illegal in a few countries. In other countries, bitcoin use and mining is more ambiguous with the government sending mixed messages. Bitcoin is currently banned in Russia, although the most recent legislation to ban bitcoin use and mining was actually withdrawn. The reason for the withdrawal seems less about outlawing bitcoin ... Bitcoin News: In diesen Ländern ist Bitcoin immer noch illegal. Japan, Russland und Co. haben neue Regulierungen eingeführt bzw. arbeiten gerade an deren Einführung. Doch gibt es auch 2017 noch Länder, in denen Bitcoin verboten ist. Bitcoin Mining oder eine Transaktion mit den Cryptocoins gelten hier als illegal und können zu rechtlichen Problemen führen. Vietnam – Für die Bürger ist ... You agree to indemnify and hold harmless, its affiliates, subsidiaries, directors, managers, members, officers, and employees from any and all claims, demands, actions, damages, losses, costs or expenses, including without limitation, reasonable legal fees, arising out of or relating to your or any other person’s use of your credentials or User Account in connection with: (a) use ...

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What is Bitcoin bitcoin is illegal Beware from bitcoin

Bitcoin Mining Bitcoin Bitcoins, Bitcoins Mining, Bitcoin Mining, Legales Bitcoin Mining, Legale Kryptowährung Bitcoin, Kein Virus, Kein Scam, 100% Kostenlos... How are criminals using bitcoin to launder money? How is money laundering with bitcoin different from traditional money laundering methods? Thank you all so much for watching the video. If you like the video, please consider dropping a like and subscribing. Running into some trouble or questions? Feel free to leave them down in the ... In diesem Video erfährst du kurz und knackig, ob Bitcoin illegal ist & ob es verboten werden könnte! Es wird oft berichtet, dass Bitcoin für illegale Zwecke genutzt wird. Aber ist dadurch auch ... Un metodo disonesto e illegale per fare Bitcoin sulle spalle di altri da evitare assolutamente! ISCRIVITI